Who are we?

MUNDU translates to world – and it is, quite simply, what concerns us: Our shared world with all its opportunities and challenges. The purpose of MUNDU’s work is to contribute to a perception of world citizenship among the Danish population and to nurture the global formation necessary to create a good and sustainable future for everyone on this planet.


MUNDU is an independent organization and the only one in Denmark with global education as its main purpose.


MUNDU was established in 1990 under the name Information Center on the third World. In 2014 we changed our name to MUNDU – center for global education. We are based in Aarhus, but serve schools throughout the country and take part ind a wide network of Danish and European professionals and organizations.



  • Courses, seminars and workshops for teachers
  • Teaching materials and courses for students and students
  • Animators / guest teachers with roots in other cultures
  • Dialogue and exchange programs
  • Intercultural events and courses
  • Consulting services in global education


Target audience

Our primary audience is children and young people in primary, secondary and tertiary schools and their teachers. Our specialty is to provide concrete tools for educators to integrate global perspectives in their teaching. But we also cater to the general public, for example through intercultural events.



MUNDU is working to ensure that global education is a natural part of the general formation in Denmark.



MUNDU translates complex global issues into educational projects and intercultural activities that break down prejudices, nuance stereotypes and motivate to take a stance and engage in global issues.