Participate in testing round!

Participate in testing round!

Participate in the next testing round of Let’s Act! Students between 12 to 16 years can get an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and climate change. The learning platform contains topics such as sustainable development, CO2 emissions, biodiversity, human rights, and suggestions for how to save the planet.

You can look forward to participating because the material is fun and intuitive to work with. It is fun to take part in the testing. You will get new inspiration to your teaching. Your students will get a unique possibility to contribute to design of structure, functionality and content in the material. It is possible to issue a certificate from the project to your class or the students.

In order to participate please fill out this form with your name and e-mail address. We will also need information regarding the class that is testing the platform.

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The testing will last around four to eight lessons. You may also need to set aside time to fill out our questionnaire. Some of the participants will also be singled out for interviews by the research team from VIA University College that is producing the follow-up research.

Best practice video
If you are the sort of teacher who are full of good ideas and who uses different kinds of online tools, then we have a special favor to ask of you. Would you mind to create a small recording of one of the online tools you are using? We need a number of these small videos lasting around 1½ minutes in order to inspire teachers in Europe to use new digital tools.

The content of the learning platform
Everything in the Let’s Act learning platform is based on research. The students can work independently with the platform. At the end of each theme you will find a classroom activity to be solved in plenary. Presently you can access Lesson 1 which is about how human rights have formed the 17 goals for sustainable development. It also contains topics about how the globalisation has changed throughout history, and how modern prosperity is based on colonialism and slave trade. Sustainable development and environmental issues are thoroughly treated and the development of the 17 goals for sustainability is explained. The themes are all illustrated by videos and fun quizzes for the students to solve.


Teacher manual
Teachers are assisted by a full teacher manual with videos and examples on good teaching. We have emphasised blended learning, and there are ideas for your teaching online as well as offline.

The material is developed in English and during January and February it will be translated into Bulgarian,  Danish, Italian and Rumanian. We then continuously upload it to the platform.

Teachers who have signed up to participate will be sent a questionnaire from the research team at VIA University College from either Associate Professor Michal Pilgaard or Associate Professor Maja Melballe Jensen during January. Michal and Maja would like to know about your experiences with e-learning before you let your students loose in the material. There will also be a questionnaire after you try the Let’s Act! together with your students.

In January and February we test lessons 1 and 2. From March to April we test all lessons 1-5 together. Once we have prepared the platform with the feedback of all participating teachers, we will publish the final material in June 2023.

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Let’s Act is co-financed by EU’s Erasmus+ programme.






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